When Did I Become Everything I Hate
A collaboration between Jordan Taylor and Natalie Marrero
July 5, 2014

When Did I Become Everything I Hate is a collaboration between Jordan Taylor and Natalie Marrero, two NYC based artists. In this work both artists are grappling with ways in which their creative process has pointed them toward images or reflections of themselves.These self reflections will emerge through the use of sound, projection, and installation art. Please be advised strobe lighting with be used throughout the movement performance.

Jordan Taylor is a freelance Motion Graphic Designer based out of NYC. He is passionate about understanding and loves feeling inspired. A recent graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012. Jordan started out focused solely on sports–playing football in college and outside of design, Jordan studies Muay Thai or "Thai Boxing", a martial arts form originating from Thailand to stay active and to support leading a healthy lifestyle. He has worked on music videos for artist like Joey Badass and Young Prince and worked with companies throughout NYC and LA.

Natalie Marrero is a performance artist, curator, jewelry maker and urbanist based in NYC. She is a recent graduate of the New School with a Bachelors of Arts in Dance and Urban Studies. Her latest work "In My Head Right Now" was an exploration of an alter ego: Little Quity sparked by grief in social interactions using digital media, make-up and the use of particular objects. She currently works throughout NYC as a peer educator for the Mayors Office to Combat Domestic Violence and works throughout the city facilitating movement and art based workshops to inner city youth and adults.

When Did I Become Everything I Hate is part of a collaboration between AMO Studios and AXM Fridays, which showcases young artists and performers monthly. Music by Crystal Coast