A dinner party & immersive installation by
Santa Salsa
May 4, 2014; 7pm

Santa Salsa in collaboration with AMO Studios invite you to an immersive installation, which will use the universal experience of food and communal dining as a way to transmit a very unique form of living. Something that can only be understood by history and circumstance, but that nonetheless carries with it a bond that unites it to all people who struggle.

Over the past years the city of Caracas has been suffering: Dramatic murder rates, constant robberies, express kidnappings, and many other forms of urban violence that have become ordinary and commonplace. Every single inhabitant has to deal with these untamed threats on a daily basis, all while struggling to lead an evermore difficult domestic life: The city is collapsed by protesters, inflation is staggering, and food and supply shortages have lead to scarcity and to endless lines at markets for basic necessities.

Nonetheless Venezuelans have always been most inventive in the face of dire circumstances. All of our modern folklore includes elements of informality, re-invention and repurpose. Everything we do is carried by a sense of humor that is crude and brutal about our condition, but that still remains joyful and life affirming.

Sponsored by Don Q Rum