Business Casual
Packet Bi—Weekly Fashion Issue #32
May 15, 2014; 7pm

Featuring over 120 pages of new content, the Fashion Issue serves as a response to the state of fashion today. Who defines trends? What role does the Internet play in disseminating fashion? We sought to answer these questions and more.

During the event, we asked attendees to answer several quick questions to fill the Packet Time Capsule, whose contents will be exhumed and printed in Volume Two of the Packet Fashion Issue. The Fashion Special Issue will be available for purchase alongside the premiere of Volume V: Issues #026-31 with covers by Eric Wiley. Nicole Reber will be playing disco.

Packet is published every other week in Brooklyn, NY. Issues are printed with a Risograph RZ390u, occasionally supplemented with inkjet and laserjet sheets. A cover 'residency' is given to an individual seasonally, spanning six issues. After completion, each set of six is available as a compendium: staples are removed from the original issues then pages wire-bound into volumes.

Packet is a collective and contribution-based publication with focus on process and experimentation in work, openly embracing stupidity and irreverence. Packet is a holding shape for immediacy and the 'par-baked.

Sponsored by Don Q Rum