New Distractions
A two person exhibition with Cait Oppermann and Yael Malka
July 14–16, 2014

Cait Oppermann’s recent drawings depict corporate and commercial logos and icons of industry executed not with the precision of a graphic designer, but with a loose and seemingly untrained hand. Her photographs depict scenes in America, which act as a gentle and quieter counter to the logos and direct references to American corporate culture in the drawings.

With this pairing she aims to show two sides of American daily life with somewhat contradictory approaches—corporate identity drawn haphazardly and the technical execution of photographs which depict the ethos of the American world without a trace of corporate affiliation.

Yael Malka's newest body of work removes the representational look of a still life and the cultural significance affiliated with those objects. Through arranging and rearranging, motion and layering of objects abstracts the image, rather than creating a precious view of those items.

Malka is interested in the erasure and addition of these objects. By solely relying on analog techniques, her process involves a great deal of chance. This work disrupts, blurs and disorients the subjects or materials she depicts.