New Civilization
A capsule presented by NEWTHINGS
February 12, 2014

For our first event in our new space we kicked it off with a Capsule presentation by collective NEWTHINGS combined with an interactive installation by The Cocoon Project.

For this collection, I was inspired by the opera singer, Jeffrey Palmer. He performed in the last collection’s campaign.

EB: It made me think about how in the past, traveling was crucial to being exposed to other cultures and new ideas. Today, you can control and manipulate your level of exposure through technology, through the internet."

EB: Inspired by this, we took cultural garb from three main regions—Central America, the Middle East, and Asia—and brought them together for our gender-neutral collection. I wanted the concept to come to fruition through the clothing, the sound, and the art juxtaposed with the space. I brought DJ and music producer, SLAVA, on board, too. His music creates a surreal vibe of a foreign place that you could never travel to."

Because AMO plans on opening a full-time shop for local artists with a focus on more pop-up concepts, we decided to use Fashion Week to launch his new line in our Lower East Side location, with a pop-up shop to follow in the later months.

We all need New Civilization. Hopefully we can provide the city with a breath of fresh air.

—Edwin Bolta, originally published on Vice