A solo exhibition by Robert Hickerson
April 28–May 2, 2014

AMO Studios is pleased to present JOAN, a new exhibition by Robert Hickerson. This will be the gallery’s second solo exhibition of the artist’s work. Presenting a new video work alongside an installation, Hickerson examines the presentation of a person as a collection of memories and how to relate and exist within that collection as means of a transference from one life to another.

Having documented his parents relationship following their divorce in his 2012 show DEBASEMENT, Hickerson shifts his focus further back to his father’s mother - a woman he knew little about. Through research and discussion he pieced together a portrait comprised of objects, events, and photos. From these mementos he brings her presence to the present by reviving and reliving the moments that formed her life and thus the artist himself. Using video and performance JOAN rethinks familial history and exhibits memory as it truly exists - as a constructed interpretation and not an exact document.

In conjunction to the video and installation, a series of familial artifacts will be exhibited. The re contextualization of these heirlooms, ranging from his grandfather’s war uniform to a series of paintings by his self-taught great grandmother, questions the potency of their history and if it is inherent to the object itself.

Sponsored by Don Q Rum