Inside, the Future
A performance by The Cocoon Project
April 10, 2014

“Inside, the Future” is a performed-installation with Cocoons, sound scape and interactive projection. Inspiration, identity and rebirth take morphing, sculptural form. Interactive projections provide an abstract site, enhancing the cocoon's form with textures. As the Cocoon grows with more performers and props, we will play games and interact with the visitors. The Cocoon will consume the audience, bringing them into the Cocoon. Chanting, dancing and other ritualistic strategies will generate a massive collective energy.

The Cocoon Project is a NYC-based collaborative performing and documenting the hand-crafted Cocoons. Performers, video projections and sound create live site-specific performance-installations. Movement is based in yoga and expressive dance. The Cocoon is a sheer, stretchy enclosure made of colorful spandex and a zipper. The Cocoon Project was created in 2010 by Sherry Aliberti, an architect and performance artist. The Cocoon has been performed in various galleries, music venues and alternative spaces. Exhibitions, festivals and our collaborators have brought the Cocoon to Detroit, Tokyo, London, Peru and Australia. The experience is different every time.