Hands Over the City
A collaboration between Lorenzo Bueno and Rosie Rittenberry
July 22, 2014; 6–9pm

"Hands Over the City" is a collaboration between Lorenzo Bueno and Rosie Rittenberry. Together they are presenting clothing made out of construction gloves, a material that has come to represent New York’s present redevelopment.

These gloves can be found littered all over the city: on the sidewalk, on the street, left or dropped by construction workers, forming a residue of this constant architectural change. This eternal renovation, this eternal spring that has come to change more than just the way the skyline looks. Bueno and Rittenberry have altered and amplified an object that was made to protect the hands into an object the protects the whole body. By reinserting it into the environment in which it was found, they call attention to the newfound presence of this material and what it has come to mean to our changing city.

Presenting the work at AMO Studios, in a traditional gallery opening, mimics the experience of coming across a glove on the street. Openings are about different ways of looking. Sometimes you look at the art, but most of the time you’re looking at other people. In a similar fashion to how we come across these gloves on the street, in this form of visual transit. 5 friends will each wear one piece at the opening to be experienced by the viewer as a dynamic, ephemeral object.

Lorenzo Bueno is an interdisciplinary artist. He was born in Buenos Aires and raised in New York City. His work has been featured in various exhibitions, including "Peña" at ArteBa, Buenos Aires, Argentina and "City: Surface and Texture" at Dickinson Gallery, New York City, New York.

Rosie Rittenberry is a fashion designer and stylist whose work was the subject of TAGTAGTAG: Issue 00 and has been featured in publications including Vice Magazine.