Food Justice
A dinner party hosted by Lily Joslin
April 24, 2014; 7pm

The underlying theme of the evening is Food Justice - Emily works with veterans and her focus is the intersection of mental health and farming; Lily works with at-risk youth in agriculture-based educational settings.

In addition to cooking our meal, Lily will also be demonstrating how she made some of the courses. Guests will have the opportunity to learn how to make the delicious food that will be served.

As always the menu will be a surprise. We can however tell you that the meal is centered around seasonal, locally sourced, balanced produce; the recipes are derived from ones that Lily used while teaching kids about real food - where it comes from, why we care, and how good it can taste. Her field of interest lies fundamentally around building healthy communities, and as a cook she sees herself as a liaison between the grower and the eater, a middlewoman who, if she is doing her thing, will help instill in the next generation a conscientious approach to food culture that is ethical, wholesome, self-sufficient and inclusive.

Sponsored by Don Q Rum