A two night screening of BHONER
Created by duo and/or
Colin Shields and Frank Anderson
June 16–17, 2014; 7pm

In a quiet, upper-middle class suburban village, something BHONER this way comes. They said her father committed suicide, but Kisses Landica would not be fooled. And now, his killer has returned It is up to Kisses and a group of wily, but chaste, teenagers to put a stop to his bloody revelry. Will the killer be revealed? Will Kisses subdue his ungodly frenzy? Will her fathers life be avenged? Whatever happens, say no to drugs, for no one is safe in... BHONER.

For only two nights this pinnacle of cinema will be screened with a special sneak preview of and/or’s new film Millennial -an ultra camp retelling of the new millenium, where a boy named Zip hacks into the internet to save the world from the Y2K bug before it can drain all of the cool and make everything permanently boring.

On Monday, June 16th, the screening will be followed by a Q&A with the directors and select cast members. On Tuesday, June 17th, the screening will be followed by a reception for the artists. There will also be an exhibition of artifacts from the film, as well as a pop up shop, in conjunction with the screenings.

and/or is the collective work of Colin Shields and Frank Anderson. Shields has a BFA in Photography from Parsons School of Design and Anderson has a BFA in Literature and Creative Writing from Rutgers University. Filmmaking was a natural medium between their separate interests. and/or has received considerable recognition for their work, including winning Best Director at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival.

Photographs courtesy of the artists, and Vanessa Turi