A listening party featuring
Harris Scribner
Anina Ivry Bloch (Palberta)
Caroline Polachek (Chairlift)
Lazar Bozic (Sediment Club)
Tom Shannon
Laura Poitras (Filmmaker)
Sporting Life (Ratking)
Greem Jellyfish
Ross Menuez (Salvor Projects)
John Kim
April 19, 2014

"I've asked several artists and musicians to submit their own renditions of John Cage's 4'33''. Given the surplus of noise that we experience as both citizens of a city and denizens of a world saturated with media, a reinvestigation into silence is much needed."
—Lorenzo Bueno

It all began with the thought; "Silence sounds different when you think you're being watched." or "altered notions of silence due to surveillance," and then later, "surely notions of silence are altered due to varying situations." Why not compile many different renditions of 4'33'' or John Cage's "silent" piece? A reinvestigation into silence is necessary as both citizens of a city and denizens of a world over saturated with media (noise); places where now, more than ever, it is becoming increasingly harder to both be silent and feel silence. Listen and see how silence sounds so different to different people.

Sponsored by Don Q Rum